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Our History
Somerville Television is the local cable television station serving the Somerville, N.J. community. We are a completely volunteer organization broadcasting educational and governmental programs on Cablevision, Channel 15 in Somerville and Verizon, Channel 30 in the surrounding area. Our first day of broadcasting was on October 18, 2004. Almost three (3) years later on October l, 2007, Somerville Television became the first local access station in New Jersey to broadcast on Verizonís FiOS. In 2008, we began streaming VILLEtv programming on line.

The Borough of Somerville, in cooperation with community and area resources, including local schools, will operate an education and government cable channel which will feature programming designed to celebrate the diversity of its residents and inform and educate them on topics of local interest in order to help them identify and bond with the community, its governing institutions and each other.

In order to fulfil this mission, the following objectives are established for VILLEtv:

  1. Develop educational and governmental programming to address the needs, concerns and interests of Somerville residents;
  2. Broadcast quality programs which are in conformance with community standards;
  3. Foster a cooperative effort between the Borough of Somerville and community and area resources, including local schools, on projects serving the interests and needs of all Borough residents;
  4. Stimulate residents and students to be involved in the production and broadcasting of innovative community oriented programming;
  5. Provide a bulletin board which airs notices from government agencies and non-profit organizations in the Borough and neighboring communities which may be of interest or service to Borough residents;
  6. Bring into the homes of persons with disabilities or shut-ins numerous Borough and area educational and non-profit activities in order to insure that they remain an integral part of our community.

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